• 4 Low Calorie Drinks that Will Cut Cravings & Give You Energy

    We all know we’re supposed to drink a crap load (my favorite number) of water each day, but sometimes that gets real boring. Sure, you could add a fresh lemon squeeze here or a cucumber slice there. You could even get fancy and add 2-3 fruits at once if you dare. But if we’re being honest, even this can feel

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  • Good Intentions Are Not Enough to Achieve What You Want in Life

    Have you ever started a new workout program or diet only to last a few days before throwing in the towel? You promise yourself that this time would be different. And that those other attempts weren’t the right fit. So you forge ahead on this new path only to find out it’s miserable. It’s tough, probably tastes bad, and just

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  • Build More of This & Success is Almost Guaranteed

    What if I told you that I could predict the one thing holding you back from achieving your goals? I know, it’s a big claim. But it’s true. As my headline suggests, if you could learn how to build more of this, I can almost guarantee success. Yep, that’s TWO big claims now. Before you roll your eyes or click

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  • Combating Procrastination (Part 3): Moving Beyond the Basics

    We’re finally rounding out this three part series on procrastination. In the first post of the series, we talked about why we procrastinate, the different types of procrastinators, and how being tired is our most common excuse for procrastinating. If you haven’t checked out that article yet, you’ll want to head over here. As for the second article in the

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  • Combating Procrastination (Part 2): How to Actually Overcome This Crap

    In the first post of this three part series, we talked about why we procrastinate, the different types of procrastinators, and a simple trick to combat procrastination and those times when we’re feeling unmotivated. If you haven’t checked out that article yet, you’ll want to head over here first. As we move along, we’re going to dive in deeper to

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  • Combating Procrastination: Here’s Why We Do It

    Procrastination was something I struggled with for way too long. Longer than I care to admit that’s for sure. But I also came to the realization that most of us do. And we’ve been doing it since we were kids in school. Yet, instead of kicking the nasty habit once we graduated, we’ve only snowballed and made it worse in

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  • 6 Fears Holding Most of Us Back (& How to Tackle Them)

    If I asked you right now what you’re scared of, what would you say? Aside from the usual clowns, heights, and spiders, I’d bet you’d answer something close to I don’t really have anything that scares me. But the truth is, we all have fears deep down inside. And sometimes these fears don’t surface as your typical Scary Movie chasing

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  • Planning Ahead Instead of Meal Prepping: Easy Tips for Busy People

    This is not your typical meal prepping guide. I’m not going to tell you to sacrifice a few hours on your day off to prepare the same meal of chicken and broccoli everyday. I’m also not going to tell you what to eat specifically either. Instead, I’m going to dish out a few simple (and practical!) tips on how to

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  • My Favorite Fat-burning Workout: How to Burn Over 400 Calories in 45 Minutes

    Hate running? Me too. Tired of the slow results that walking-only or cardio heavy workout plans provides you? Ditto. So what can you do? Focus on high intensity interval training. Before I lose you, hear me out. Efficiency in the Fat Burning Zone With high intensity interval training, you’re jacking your heart rate up for short bursts of time only.

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  • Eat Healthy on the Road

    Practical Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road or in the Air

    In the span of two months, I’ve traveled on 8 airplanes (the longest flight being 16 straight hours), 2 six hour bus rides, 3 four hour car rides (two of which were overseas in the Philippines), plenty of shorter taxis and bus rides in between and almost enough Ubers to start a mini franchise. And during this whirlwind span of

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  • Why You're Not Losing Weight

    One Stupid Simple Reason Why You’re Not Losing Weight

    Raise your hand if learning a new language comes naturally for you or if it was one of your favorite things to study in school. Now, I want you to raise your hand if you’ve mastered this whole eating healthy and exercising everyday thing. Of course, you can’t see me and I can’t see you. And my guess is that

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  • Carb Cravings Explained

    Carb Cravings Explained: What Makes Us Addicted & How to Break the Cycle

    Since I was raised in an Italian household, I made friends with carbohydrates pretty early on. I learned to love pasta and sweet treats as if there was some sort of shortage coming soon. But as I got older, I soon found out that carbs and I were not exactly the besties I had envisioned. In fact, I started to see

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